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Terrae Incognitae

The Journal for the History of Discoveries

Contents of Vol 39, 2007



Cynthia Chambers recently received her doctorate from the Department of History at the University of Texas at Arlington; the essay printed here came second in the Society's annual prize-competition.

Anne Good read this paper at the Portland (OR) meeting of the Society; she is assistant professor of history at Reinhardt College (Georgia), specializing in early modern Germany and South Africa.

Raynald Laprise is an amateur historian from Québec, who has worked a good deal on late seventeenth-century pirates.

Alistair Maeer is a recent doctoral graduate of the Department of History at the University of Texas at Arlington; for some years he was assistant editor of Terrae Incognitae.

Benjamin Olshin is a scholar who works in Chinese culture and in the history of cartography; he teaches at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Matthew Voss is a graduate student in the Department of History at the University of Minnesota; his essay won this year's student essay prize.

Benjamin Olshin The Mystery of the "Marco Polo" Maps: An Introduction to a Privately-Held Collection of Cartographic Materials Relating to the Polo Family
Matthew Voss "In this sign you shall conquer." The Cross of the Order of Christ in Sixteenth-Century Portuguese Cartography 24
Alistair Maeer The New World as Commodity: Understanding the Drake Manuscript and Samuel de Champlain's A Voyage to the West Indies and Mexico as Expressions of Commercialization in Early Modern Europe 38
Cynthia Chambers The Geography of Cannibalism: Specificity in Sixteenth Century New World Cartography and Literature 52
Raynald Laprise The Privateers of Saint-Domingue and Louis XIV's Designs on Spanish America, 1683-1685 68
Anne Good Dressing and Undressing in the History of Discovery 83

Current Bibliography

Mike Downs

Recent Literature in Discovery History


Book Reviews

Paul Cutright

Lewis and Clark: Pioneering Naturalists

Reviewed by Paula Rebert

Peter Goin and Paul Starrs
Black Rock
Reviewed by Richard Francaviglia
Valerie Kivelson Cartographies of Tsardom: the Land and its Meaning in Seventeenth-Century Russia
Reviewed by Dennis Reinhartz
Kit Mayers North-east Passage of Muscovy: Stephen Borough and the first Tudor explorations
Reviewed by Michael Downs
Raymond Howgego Encyclopedia of Exploration (3 vols., -1800, 1800-1850 and 1850-1940)
Reviewed by David Buisseret
William Richardson Was Australia Charted before 1606? The Jave la Grande Inscriptions
Reviewed by David Buisseret
Kim Sloan A New World: England's First View of America

Thomas Hariot A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia
Reviewed by David Buisseret

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