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Terrae Incognitae

The Journal for the History of Discoveries

Contents of Vol 33, 2001


Susan Danforth, a former President of the Society, has worked for many years at the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Her particular research interest is the mapping of the Americas.

Iris Engstrand, another longtime member of the Society, is head of the Department of History at the University of San Diego.

Paul Mapp is a graduate student at Harvard University. His essay won the Society's prize for the year 2000.

Fred Musto is Curator of the Map Collection, Yale University Library, and has for some years provided our annual listing of literature in discovery history.

John Parker retired after many years as the director of the James Ford Bell Library in Minneapolis; he is one of the founding members of the Society.

Neil Safier is a graduate student at The Johns Hopkins University. His essay won the Society's prize for the year 1999, and has been somewhat modified since then.

John Thrower is a longstanding English member of the Society, particularly interested in the investigation of early sites.


John Parker

In memory of Thomas Goldstein

John Thrower Colonial Nombre de Dios - the "Treasure Mouth of the World" 1
Paul Mapp French Reactions to the British Search for a Northwest Passage from Hudson Bay and the Origins of the Seven Years' War 13
Neil Safier Unveiling the Amazon to European Science and Society: the Reading and Reception of La Condamine's Relation Abrégée d'un voyage fait dans l'Intérieur de l'Amérique méridionale (1745) 33
Susan Danforth Cultivating Empire: Sir Joseph Banks and the (failed) Botanical Garden at Nassau 48
Iris Engstrand Spanish Naturalists in Cuba and the West Indies 1795-1802 59

Current Bibliography

Fred Musto

Recent Literature in Discovery History


Book Reviews

Richard Adams

Rio Azul, An Ancient Maya City
Reviewed by Douglas Peck

Fabio Bourbon The Lost Cities of the Mayas: the Life, Art and Discoveries of Frederick Catherwood
Reviewed by Douglas Richmond
William Fitzhugh and Elisabeth Ward Vikings, the North Atlantic Saga
Reviewed by Arne Molander
Malcolm Lewis, ed. Cartographic Encounters: Perspectives on Native American Mapmaking and Map Use
Reviewed by Richard Francaviglia
Edward Dahl and Jean-François Gauvin Sphaerae Mundi
Reviewed by Richard Pflederer
Peter Russell Prince Henry 'the Navigator': A Life
Reviewed by Richard Betz
Tzvetan Todorov The Conquest of America: The Question of the Other
Reviewed by Douglas Peck
Gregory McIntosh The Piri Reis Map of 1523
Reviewed by Dennis Reinhartz
Stephen Summerhill and John Williams Sinking Columbus
Reviewed by David Buisseret
Elly Dekker Globes at Greenwich
Reviewed by Edward Dahl
David Quinn European Approaches to North America, 1450-1640
Reviewed by Gregory McIntosh
Mary Lovell A Rage to Live: A Biography of Richard and Isabel Burton
Reviewed by Penelope Betz
W.G.L. Randles Geography, Cartography and Nautical Science in the Renaissance
Reviewed by David Buisseret
Jan Glete Warfare at Sea, 1500-1650: Maritime Warfare and the Transformation of Europe
Reviewed by Alistair Maeer
David Clark and Stephen Clark Newton's Tyranny
Reviewed by Norman Thrower
George Tolias The Portolan Charts, 15th-17th Centuries
Reviewed by Russell Magnaghi
A.L. Rice Voyages of Discovery: Three Centuries of Natural History Exploration
Reviewed by David Buisseret
Richard Francaviglia The Cast Iron Forest: A Natural and Cultural History of the North American Cross Timbers
Reviewed by Paula Rebert
John Kendrick Alejandro Malaspina: Portrait of a Visionary
Reviewed by Dee Longenbaugh
Julie Codell and Dianne Macleod, eds. Orientalism Transposed: The Impact of the Colonies on British Culture
Reviewed by Bruce Lenman
Gary Moulton, ed. The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, vol. 12
Reviewed by John Parker
William Barr, ed. Searching for Franklin
Reviewed by H.G.Jones

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