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Terrae Incognitae

The Journal for the History of Discoveries

Contents of Vol 32, 2000


SANFORD BEDERMAN is Professor Emeritus of Geography at Georgia State University, and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He is a former president of the Society, and has often contributed to Terrae lncognitae, generally concerning the history of nineteenth-century Africa.

FRED MUSTO is Curator of the Map Collection, Yale University Library, and has for some years provided our annual listing of literature in discovery history.

WILLIAM PHILLIPS is Professor of History at the University of Minnesota, and an authority on the period of Christopher Columbus. He is the author, with Carla Rahn Phillips, of The Worlds of Christopher Columbus (Cambridge, UK, 1992).

ALEXEI POSTNIKOV is a Russian scholar with much experience of practical surveying; he has also published extensively in the history of cartography, and is at present director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Science and Technology.

PAULA REBERT is a long-standing member of the Society. She lives at DeKalb, IL, and has published extensively on the history of the Mexico-U.S. boundary; her thesis concerned com¬puterized mapping.

W.A.R. RICHARDSON lives in Australia, and has published widely on historical questions concerning the first European arrivals on that continent.

W.A.R. Richardson East and South-East Asia: Cartographers' Attempts to Reconcile the Maps of Ptolemy and Martellus with Marco Polos Travels and with Portuguese Charts 1
William D. Phillips The Testimony of Empire: The Columbian Lawsuits 23
Alexei Posrnikov The Search for a Sea Passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific via North America's Coast: On the History of a Scientific Competition 318
Paula Rebert George Engelmann of St. Louis and His Contribution to western Geography 55
Sanford Bederman The Last and Not the Least: Boyd Alexander's Tragic African Journeys 1904-7 and 1908-10 67

Current Bibliography

Fred Musto

Recent Literature in Discovery History


Book Reviews

John Lamer

Marco Polo and the Discovery of the World.
Reviewed by William D. Phillips, Jr.

Colin Palmer, ed. The Worlds of Unftee Labour.
Reviewed by Russell Magnaghi
].S. Cpmmins, ed. Christianity and Missions, 1450-1800.
Reviewed by Russell Magnaghi
Robert Forster, ed. European and Non-European Societies, 1450-1800.
Reviewed by Carol Urness
Kris E. Lane Pillaging the Empire: Piracy in the Americas 1500-1750.
Reviewed by Tim Sullivan
Roland Greene Unrequited Conquests.
Reviewed by Mary Fuller
Timothy Walton The Spanish Treasure Fleets.
Reviewed by David Buisseret
Maria Silva, ed. Families in the Expansion of Europe, 1500-1800.
Reviewed by Peter van der Krogt

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