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May 2006

introduction and lead article.

Jack Parker was the quintessential good neighbor. According to his daughter, Sarah, legend has it that Jack once asked his other daughter, Jackie, who was then serving on the Minneapolis City Council, what would happen if he tore up the city-owned boulevard in front of his house, and planted flowers? Her response was that the city might give him an award. This was the start of the Blooming Boulevard program that has blossomed throughout the city. Contests have been held and awards given to Blooming Boulevard participants, and for many years, Jack Parker was a judge. He was an avid gardener, and a serious “hobby” beekeeper for thirty years. Sarah Parker has remarked that preparing for the annual State Fair was an important time, and family and friends never lacked for honey or candles.

Jack Parker was a titan whose name we will always associate with the Society for the History of Discoveries. His congenial personality and his always good advice will sorely be missed. There is a word in the Yiddish language that perfectly fits Jack Parker -- he was a mensch -- a person of integrity and honor. 

Sanford H. Bederman
Executive Secretary 

SHD Again In The Pacific Northwest
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The SHD returns to the Pacific Northwest in 2006  center of the business district.

L&C traveled along the Columbia River and so will we. A pre-tour on September 6 will take participants along the Columbia to the mouth of the river and a new interpretive center with a fantastic exhibition and overlooking the Pacific in the vicinity of where L&C did too. Fort Clatsop, where L&C over-wintered in 1805-1806 and a replica of which burned in October 2005, is due to be rebuilt and will be visited. The post-tour on September 10 will take participants up the Columbia River Gorge, visiting the famous Multnomah Falls and circling majestic Mount Hood. Both of the tours are day trips.

Those participants arriving by late Wednesday will DISCOVER PORTLAND, our host city, during the day on Thursday, September 7; in this way we can in a leisurely manner, before the meeting sessions begin, get

to know and enjoy the many attractions of the city and visit some of its key sights, like the Oregon Historical Society, Portland Art Museum and Chinese Garden. Time will be available to do tax-free shopping in such places as Powell’s City of Books.

The SHD 2006 opening reception on September 7 will be at the Oregon Historical Society; its permanent exhibition, “Oregon, My Oregon,” will be open to explore during the reception. Paper sessions and a luncheon will be held Friday September 8 at Portland State University. The Annual Dinner’s featured speaker that night will be renowned Northwest historian and author Jack Nisbet, expert on the travels of David Thompson, fur agent and geographer who worked for the Hudson’s Bay and North West Fur companies from 1784 to 1812. Saturday September 9 will take us to Lewis & Clark College in the southern suburbs of Portland for continued paper sessions and a buffet lunch, followed by visits to the L&C Collections at the school’s Watzek Library. En route back downtown, we will tour the renowned Japanese Garden.

Members interested in presenting a paper or organizing a session should submit proposals to SHD Vice President and Program Chairman Tom Sander, PO Box 10793, Burke VA 22009, USA (phone 703/426-2880; e-mail sanderva@erols.com). The Call for Papers (responses please by June 1, 2006) is at the meeting website, as is more information about the meeting. Posted at that website in the future will be more information about the meeting and full registration details. A preliminary meeting program and registration packet, including transportation, hotel data, and pre- and post-tour forms, will be mailed to all SHD members. Participants are encouraged to consider the possibility of personal touring before and after the events, to such local venues as Crater Lake, the Oregon Coast, the Willamette Valley and Mount St. Helens. Oregon resident and SHD Council Member Jim Walker is the co-organizer of the meeting in Portland.

Thomas Sander
Program Chairman

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