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May 2006

agreement in March 2006 with Barnard College in New York City to build an online bibliographic database on women explorers.

*Wings would like to expand its current educational program, The Art of Exploration, with our partner, Imagination Celebration of Fort Worth, to reach and inspire young people to find their own passions, and give them the vehicle and the inspiration to act.

Milbry Polk, Director
Wings WorldQuest


The Society website continues to be enhanced. At the site you will find the photo and citation pertinent to our latest SHD Fellow, Louis De Vorsey. A summary of the 2005 meeting in Williamsburg appears with a nice selection of photos from the event. Your most recent issue of Terrae Incognitae is also part of the site, that is, several of its articles and all the book reviews. The preliminary program of the coming 2006 meeting in Portland, Oregon is at the site, and by the time you read this newsletter, updated details and registration will likely be at the site as well. Should you have a friend or acquaintance interested in the many activities of SHD, please direct the person to our website. There is such a wealth of information there. History, past meeting highlights and photos, essay contest information, and much more. If you have not visited the site lately, try it for the adventure of discovery. 

Thomas Sander
SHD Web Content Manager

Scarecrow Press Has New Exploration Publication

John Woronoff, who resides in France, announced that the Scarecrow Press has recently published Historical Dictionary of the Discovery and Exploration of the Pacific Islands. The authors are Max Quanchi and John Robson. The first volume in the series, Historical Dictionary of Discovery and Exploration of the Northwest Passage, was compiled by Alan Day. If SHD members are interested in purchasing a copy, contact Jon Woronoff at jon.woronoff@ tiscali.fr.


2005 Ristow Prize Winners

The Washington Map Society announced the winners of the 2005 Ristow Prize, which recognizes academic achievement in the History of Cartography and Map Librarianship. In addition to a $1,000 cash award, the winning essay will be published in The Portolan, the society’s journal.

The 2005 Ristow Prize was awarded to Ruth Watson, a student at the Australian National University, for her paper “The Decorated Hearts of Oronce Finé: The 1531 Double Cordiform Map of the World.” 

Honorable mentions were awarded to Mark Fink (University of Texas-Arlington) for “Charting the Enlightenment: An Interpretation of Edmund Halley’s 1728 Chart of the Atlantic Ocean,” and Robert Sherwood (University of Texas-Arlington) for “Humboldt’s Politics of Mapping: Alexander Humboldt’s Essay and General Chart of the Kingdom of New Spain.”

The prize is given each year by the Washington Map Society in honor of Walter Ristow, a long-time member of the Society for the History of Discoveries, who is Chief Emeritus of the Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress.

Fig. 5 – Roy Bridges and Norman Thrower enjoying a meal in Williamsburg, VA

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