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Newsletter of the Society for the History of Discoveries

Number 6

May 2006

John (Jack) Parker, FSHD

Author’s note: I am indebted to Sarah Parker, Carol Urness, and Ed Dahl, who helped me write this remembrance. The photo of Jack Parker is used with permission by the publishers of A Book for Jack: Words To, By and About John Parker (1991).

John Parker, a founder of the Society for the History of Discoveries, died at home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at age 82, on January 15, 2006. He 
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Inside this Issue

Executive Secretary’s Report 4
In Memoriam - John Garver 5
In Memoriam - Charles Hoffman 5
Prize Essay Winner 6
News of Members 6
Wing WorldQuest 15 16
Upcoming Conferences 20

Election of Officers – 2006-2007

Two new officers and three new Members of Council have been elected for varying terms. The new Councilors are Joyce Lorimer, Ronald Grim, and Richard Pflederer. They will serve for two years. Also serving for two years is George Chalou, the Treasurer, a new office created by Council at the 2005 Williamsburg meeting. Elected to serve a three-year term as Executive Secretary (another new office) is Katherine Goodwin. All new officers will begin their terms at the conclusion of the annual meeting in Portland, Oregon in September 2006.

Those rotating off Council in 2006 are Sanford Bederman, Ed Dahl, James Enterline, and David Buisseret (ex officio).

The 2006-2007 Council will be composed of Ralph Ehrenberg (President), Thomas Sander (Vice President), Katherine Goodwin (Executive Secretary), George Chalou (Treasurer), Wesley Brown, Dianne Powell, James Walker, Joyce Lorimer, Ronald Grim, Richard Pflederer, and the new editor of Terrae Incognitae, who will serve as an ex officio member.

47th Annual Meeting of the SHD, 
September 7-9, 2006 in Portland, Oregon

The SHD returns to the Pacific Northwest in 2006 for its annual meeting in Portland, Oregon. Eight years ago we enjoyed Vancouver, British Columbia, and 13 years ago Vancouver, Washington. Portland, Oregon is a fantastic venue, especially in this final year of the Lewis & Clark (L&C) commemorations. Portland is known as a great walking city and a serious wine and food destination; everything is very convenient, and within an hour’s drive is the Willamette Valley, famous for its wines. Our host hotel is an easy walk to Thursday and Friday events and sessions, is the site of the annual dinner, and is one block from Pioneer Courthouse Square – the
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