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May 2005

From the Secretary-Treasurer
(aka) Editor, Terra Cognita

In my opinion, it is not premature to express the society’s appreciation to Richard Francaviglia for his sterling leadership during the past four years. He will leave office after the Williamsburg, VA meeting in October 2005. Thank you, Richard.
Our new officers have been elected, so we welcome Tom Sander as our incoming Vice President/President Elect and Program Chairman for the next two years. Tom will be joined on Council by Wesley Brown, Dianne Powell, and James Walker. I look forward to working with them.
At the meeting in Cody, WY, Council approved the Newberry Library in Chicago as the site for our 2007 conference. Plans are already being made to ensure that this meeting will be memorable. No venue has been determined for the 2006 meeting; however, we are studying an invitation from Portland, Oregon. We hope to make a decision regarding this site before we meet in Williamsburg. Stay tuned.
As for Williamsburg, Ralph Ehrenberg and Richard Pflederer continue to work diligently on the plans for the conference, and all SHD members should consult www.sochistdisc.org often because new information is added regularly. As in Cody, several plenary sessions are planned. A Call for Papers has been sent out, and if you wish to present a paper at Williamsburg, contact Ralph Ehrenberg at rehrenberg@aol.com.
The Honors Committee is again at work, so if you have a nomination for Fellow of the Society, you should send it to Carol Urness, Alice Hudson, or Robert Highbarger. The committee will present to Council two individuals to receive honors this year. The presentation of our new Fellows has become an important event at our annual meetings.
This is my fifth year as Secretary-Treasurer, and I am still faced with the annual problem of renewal of dues. As of April 4, only 92 percent had submitted 2005 dues. I hope this problem is resolved in future years. Collecting annual dues is the only onerous task required of the Secretary-Treasurer.
SHD lamentably has lost many stalwart members this year. David Woodward, Robert Fuson, Edward Goodman, and Fabian O’Dea will be sorely missed. Each of these individuals is the subject of a memorial article later in this newsletter. Edward Goodman generously remembered SHD in his will. Thanks to David Buisseret and Tom Sander, Terrae Incognitae and www.sochistdisc.org remain healthy and vigorous. Our Editor and our Web Content Manager are voluntary positions, so SHD cannot be more grateful for their time and expertise.
The procedure to select the winner of the Prize Essay Award again went smoothly. In Carol Urness’s hands, we would expect nothing else. She has been the only person to administer the contest, and SHD has never been embarrassed by the winning essay. Our winner in 2004 was Christopher Slogar, a doctoral student in art history at the University of Maryland. We look forward to reading his article in the forthcoming issue of Terrae Incognitae. Also, in regard to the essay contest, SHD members have been very generous in supporting it with donations. I especially wish to thank Stephen Lintner and Robert Augustyn. The money they gave SHD this year has significantly helped us fund the costs associated with the award. To all of the other donors, SHD expresses its sincere thanks.
I also wish to convey the society’s gratitude to everyone who agreed to allow their names to be placed on the annual ballot. Not everyone can win an election, but to know that the slate is filled with highly qualified people is certainly reassuring, and frankly our small learned society could not survive without individuals being willing to serve in these offices.
It is important again to thank the Department of Anthropology and Geography at Georgia State University in Atlanta for the support it provides the society. Without its help, the printing of Terra Cognita and the Annual Report would be very costly.
Our annual meeting in Cody was superb. The venue at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center was awesome, and the field trips were sublime. John Logan Allen could not have been more gracious and helpful as we navigated through the buffaloes and elk at Yellowstone Park, and even 

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