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Newsletter of the Society for the History of Discoveries

Number 5

May 2005

Fig. 1 – Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg, VA

46th Annual Meeting of the SHD, October 6-8, 2005 in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
The 2005 Society for the History of Discoveries meeting will be held in Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Virginia, October 6-8. Located in Virginia’s Historic Triangle, Colonial Williamsburg is “the world’s premier living-history site.” It has been beautifully restored to reflect its colonial heritage as a political and economic center. Nearby are two other outdoor living-history museums – the Jamestown Settlement, America’s first permanent English colony, and the Yorktown Victory Center, a museum of the American Revolution. 
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Election of Officers - 2005-2007 
The election is over, the ballots have been counted, and the next Vice President/President Elect is Thomas Sander. Tom will be the Program Chairman for the next two years (2006-2007). He has had considerable experience in organizing SHD meetings, having served on the planning committees of the Washington, D.C. and Cody, Wyoming meetings. Tom also currently serves as the Society’s Web Content Manager.
The new Members of Council are Wesley Brown, Dianne Powell, and James Walker. They will commence their two-year terms at the end of the annual meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia. Brown, Powell, and Walker will join Ed Dahl, James Enterline, and Katherine Goodwin in 2005 as our elected Council.
The 2005 Council is composed of Richard Francaviglia (President), Ralph Ehrenberg (Vice President), Sanford Bederman (Secretary-Treasurer), Susan Danforth, Louis De Vorsey, H.G. Jones, Ed Dahl, James Enterline, Katherine Goodwin, David Buisseret (ex-officio) and Thomas Sander (ex-officio). 

Colonial Williamsburg to Present a Symposium, Mapping Colonial America, Immediately Preceding the SHD Annual Meeting
Why not plan to arrive in beautiful Williamsburg a few days prior to the SHD annual meeting and participate in the symposium sponsored by one of our co-hosts, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. According to Martha Pritchard of Colonial Williamsburg, this symposium, which is to cover many facets of mapping during the colonial period, will feature a number of well-known speakers including Philip Burden, Henry Taliaferro, Mary Pedley, John Hébert, and David Buisseret.
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