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May 2004

Contributing Members – 2004

SHD wishes to thank those who chose to be Contributing Members during the past year.
Robert Augustyn Alice Hudson
Sanford Bederman H. G. Jones
John G.L. Cabot Ken Nebenzahl
Tom C. Conley Mark O’Donoghue
Ralph Ehrenberg Fabian O’Dea
Peter Enggass Theodore Palmer
Norman Fiering David Parsons
Rich. Francaviglia Robert Stocker
Warren Heckrotte Harry Sutcliffe
Robert Highbarger Thom. Touchton
Donald Hogarth James Walker
Arthur Holzheimer John Wolter

John Woram

Society’s 46th Annual Meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA – 
October 7 – 9, 2005

It’s not too early to begin planning your schedule for the 2005 meeting. Located on this most beautiful peninsula between the James and York rivers, the historical triangle of Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown offers a very dense concentration of history. From the earliest colonial settlers, to the colonial foundations of the nation to the Revolutionary War and the War Between the States, the territory has witnessed a continuous flow of major events.

The centerpiece of this area is Colonial Williamsburg, the authentically restored city of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. It teems with townsfolk in 18th century costume going about their business of carpentry, candle making and gardening, all accomplished in the style of the period with the tools of the period.

Just across the street is the Christopher Wren Building, the oldest surviving college building in the US, situated on the campus of the College of William and Mary, which was founded in 1693.

Fortunately for those interested in cartography, both of these institutions possess libraries with impressive cartographic treasures, including the ‘Frenchman’s map’ a manuscript town plan drawn in 1782 by a French officer making a billeting plan for his troops.

But there is more. Jamestown, the site of the oldest continuous British settlement in what is now the U.S., offers insights into the earliest phase of British colonial life. And on the well preserved battlefields of Yorktown we can visualize that decisive meeting between General Lord Cornwallis and General George Washington that effectively ended hostilities of the Revolution. We hope to see you in Virginia!
Richard Pflederer

Fig 5. Governors Palace in Williamsburg, VA. City is the venue for SHD Annual Meeting in 2005

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