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May 2003

Fig. 4 – (From left to right) Roy Bridges, Barry Gough, Joyce Lorimer, Sanford Bederman, and H.G. Jones at the David Quinn Memorial Event in London.

Hakluyt Society Tribute to David Quinn, March 13, 2003
The Hakluyt Society paid formal tribute to David Quinn at a memorial meeting held at the Warburg Institute in London on Thursday afternoon, March 13th. With President Roy Bridges (a member of SHD) in the chair, nine friends, colleagues, and former students reflected on their experiences with David Quinn.
     In the keynote presentation, Glyndwer Williams talked about “D.B. Quinn and the Hakluyt Society,” especially highlighting Quinn’s books published by the society. Professor Williams was followed by Mary Daly of the Royal Irish Academy who spoke of “D.B. Quinn and Ireland.” SHD member H.G. Jones’ contribution reflected on “D.B. Quinn and the Roanoke Voyages.” Because Gillian Cell, a former student of Quinn, could not attend, SHD member Barry Gough took her place and in a short presentation commented on Quinn and his relationship with Canada.
     After tea, Quinn’s colleague at the University of Liverpool, David Dutton, spoke of Quinn’s invaluable role in the recent development of the history department at that institution. Next was SHD member Joyce Lorimer, who gave an impassioned account of being Quinn’s student and friend. Next came Sir Ian Gourley who spoke of Quinn’s role on the Archival Research Task Force on Frobisher. The last formal speaker was Sarah Tyacke, who presented “D.B. Quinn, the Society and Map Friends.”

The final comments of the afternoon were made by Sanford Bederman, who represented SHD at the memorial meeting. After reminding the audience that David Quinn was presented the first honor that SHD has ever awarded, he then read “A Tribute to David Beers Quinn” prepared by SHD member Norman J.W. Thrower, who is an International Representative of the Hakluyt Society.
     The afternoon clearly was a celebration of David Quinn’s life, and it was satisfying to know that several members of his family were in attendance. Comments were made with fond respect and with humor, and those in attendance agreed that the person who would have enjoyed the proceedings the most would have been David Quinn. 

200 Years Since Humboldt Visited Mexico - 2nd Alexander von Humboldt Conference – 2003
SHD member Dr. Lourdes de Ita, is one of the organizers of the 2nd Alexander von Humboldt Conference, which will take place from August 12th to 16th, 2003 at the Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas of the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, located in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. The conference celebrates the bicentenary of Humboldt’s visit to Michoacán in 1803. The sub-title of the conference is “Travels, Travellers and Travel Writing to and from Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, 15th to 20th Centuries.”
     Information regarding this meeting can be obtained from Dr. de Ita at: humboldt@ jupiter.umich.mx. Unfortunately, the deadline for receipt of papers was April 25, 2002.

A Map Symposium at the New York Historical Society 

A map symposium was held on October 21, 2002 at the New York Historical Society in conjunction with the exhibition Degrees of Latitude: Maps of America from the Colonial Williamsburg Collection. The symposium was sponsored by the Acorn Foundation, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and the New York Historical Society. SHD members who presented papers at the symposium were Alice Hudson (“Out of Bounds Mapping over the Edge—A Look at the English View of the Middle Atlantic Colonies”) and John Hébert (“Mapping Louisiana: 1680-1760”).

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