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Newsletter of the Society for the History of Discoveries

Number 3

May 2003

Exploration and Discovery of the Louisiana Purchase” is SHD’s 2003 Meeting Theme
     On October 23-26, the 44th annual SHD meeting will be held in New Orleans. The theme of the meeting – “La Nouvelle Frontiere: Exploration and Discovery of the Louisiana Purchase” – commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase. When the United States purchased Louisiana from France in 1803 for fifteen million dollars, it acquired a huge, geographically diverse area what was indeed the new frontier. Transfer of this area took place in November of 1803, and with ratification the United States acquired over 900,000 square miles, doubling the size of the new nation. Thirteen states -- Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, and Wyoming -- or portions of states, are included in the Louisiana Purchase.
     From its inception, the Louisiana Purchase was controversial. Thomas Jefferson claimed that it included the territory to the Rio Grande, and, as anticipated, Spain strongly disagreed. The exploration and discovery of the area witnessed some of North America’s most celebrated military and scientific expeditions beginning with Lewis and Clark’s fabled Corps of Discovery (1804-1806). Although many presentations at the SHD meeting will focus on the Louisiana Purchase, papers on the exploration and discovery of other areas will also be presented.
     New Orleans is the perfect venue for this meeting. Founded in 1718, the Crescent city became a major center of French culture and pivotal to the eighteenth and early nineteenth century geopolitics. 
From the Secretary-Treasurer.
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1 Annual Meeting in New Orleans
1 Election of 2003 Officers
6 Hakluyt Society Tribute to David Quinn
7 News of Members
16 Upcoming Conferences and Exhibitions

Fig. 1 – Richard Francaviglia at the annual meeting in Zapopan, Mexico

Election of Officers - 2003 
     The 2003 election has ended and Ralph Ehrenberg will be our new vice president/president elect. His term as vice president will be for two years, beginning in October 2003. In 2005, he will become president for a term of two years. Richard Francaviglia will be the new president. He replaces Eric Wolf, whose term expires in October 2003.
     Susan Danforth, Louis De Vorsey, and H.G. Jones were elected to the SHD Council, and they, too, will serve from Fall 2003 to Fall 2005. They will replace Barbara McCorkle, John Parker, and Peter van der Krogt, who are rotating off the Council. Sanford Bederman was re-elected secretary-treasurer for a new term of three years.
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SHD Thanks Eric Wolf 
When Eric Wolf’s term as President of SHD comes to an end this October, he will have completed ten years of service as an officer. Eric was Secretary-Treasurer from 1992 to 1997, a period during which he single-handedly administered the society’s business with aplomb and in the most professional manner. He was elected Vice-President/President Elect in 2000, and then assumed the presidency in 2002. It is now appropriate to thank Eric Wolf for his stalwart leadership, and to let him know that the Society for the History of Discoveries is profoundly grateful for all he has done on our behalf.

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