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May 2002

This required the help of a friend who works for Barclays, and is stationed in Singapore. Anyway, it is now done, and the funds from England are resting safely in our bank in Georgia.
      Planning for the annual meeting in Guadalajara is progressing very well. Richard Francaviglia has sent out an elegant call for papers, and Michael Mathes will mail local arrangements materials sometime this summer. Please make plans to attend. The venue is fascinating.
      We were disappointed this past year because we had no winner of the Prize Essay Contest. We probably had the largest number of submissions (almost 30), but most were from high school students, and the level of scholarship was not acceptable. The rules were changed this year by Council so that any one submitting an essay must be a student at a college or university. Carol Urness chairs the Prize Essay Committee, and for the past few years, Barbara McCorkle, David Buisseret, and I have been judges. Carol has done a great job and deserves all the plaudits we can generate.
      Finally, I wish to congratulate all of our members who were so productive this past year. You published many books and articles, you translated important historical documents, you traveled the world to do field work, you were responsible for mounting awesome museum exhibits, you organized map fairs, and you sponsored distinguished lectures. We can indeed be proud of the scholarly efforts of our small learned society.
Sanford H. Bederman

Pay Pal 
SHD has begun using Pay Pal to allow individuals to easily renew their annual membership. This will be especially helpful for those who reside outside the United States. No longer will it be necessary to convert currency or worry about postage. Those of you in the US will also find payment of dues using Pay Pal a very simple method. The system allows you, via the internet, to send in your funds from your credit card to my e-mail address (sanfordbederman@aol.com). I then, electronically deposit the payments in the SHD account at the bank. 
      You must sign-up with Pay Pal on-line (www.paypal.com), and it takes only a few minutes to do so. The instructions that appear below will also be posted on www.sochistdisc.org, and will appear on the dues notification form that will be mailed to you
next Fall. Here are the directions for using Pay Pal for the first time:
1. Click on “Send Money”
2. Sign up for FREE personal account. If you live in the USA, use U.S. Account Registration. If you do not reside in the US, click on International Account Registration. Enter NO for Premier Account.
3. Under “Recipient’s e-mail” enter
4. Under “Amount” enter the amount you want charged to your credit card.
5. Under “E-mail Subject” enter SHD Dues - YOUR last name.
6. Under “Note” enter your name, address, day and evening phone numbers, fax number, and e-mail address. This allows us to correctly account for your money transfer and verify our SHD records. Inasmuch as we have just started using Pay Pal, only about a dozen or so people have availed themselves to try it. Each person who has done so has praised us for adopting this very convenient method of payment of dues. Once you are registered with Pay Pal, you can use this method to send U.S. dollars not only to SHD, but to anyone, anywhere who has an e-mail address. Pay Pal is the preferred method of payment by E-Bay users.
      Because Pay Pal collects a small charge for its service, we have added a small amount to the membership fee. Regular members will pay $31, Contributing members, $52, and Retirees/Students, $16.
      Please consider using Pay Pal next year when you send in your membership dues. Not only is it convenient for you, it is very helpful for me by reducing my paperwork and trips to the bank.

SHD Officers, 2002 (continued) 
Donald McGuirk, a pediatrician now residing in Denver, is co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Map Society, which hosted the 2001 SHD annual meeting. Don has been a member since 1982, and has long maintained an interest in the early exploration of the New World and the “Sea of the West.”
      In addition to the three new council members, those continuing to serve are Eric Wolf (President), Richard Francaviglia (Vice President), Sanford Bederman (Secretary-Treasurer), David Buisseret (Editor of Terrae Incognitae-ex officio), Thomas Sander (Web Content Manager-ex officio), Arthur Holzheimer, Richard Stephenson, and John Hébert

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