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Exploration and Cartography - Web links

If you would like to exchange links or to suggest an interesting link,
please contact Justin Dellinger, SHD Web Content Manager at
, phone (817) 272-7492.

Up-to-date listing of dates, details and links for forthcoming Symposia, Meetings, Map Fairs and other events of interest to cartographers world wide. Maintained by John Docktor - send your announcements to him.

Early maps, old maps or historical maps (i.e. the history of cartography), and the activities associated with them, form the subject of this excellent site compiled by Tony Campbell.

Publications in English of records, journals and charts of voyages, travels, naval expeditions and other geographical material distributed to members. Back issues of previous publications available. Complete Bibliography.

Support group of the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division. Publishes periodic bulletin and holds annual scholarly meeting in Washington and other US locations.

Information on all aspects of the work of the Royal Geographical Society, one of the largest learned societies devoted to geographical science (13,000 members).

US-based society with international membership, monthly meetings, field trips, scholarly writing prize, and three-issue per year journal The Portolan.

The BIMCC brings together all those interested in ancient maps, as collectors, scholars, dealers, or mere amateurs. It meets several times during the year in Belgium and other European locations. An extensive newsletter is published in English, which is also the language of all meetings.

With a collection of over four million items, this national resource is constantly adding material to its web site.

A complete listing of the renowned Roger Baskes Collection of Atlases and other books of and about maps.

The James Ford Bell Library is a collection of 15,000 rare books, 2,500 maps, and 2,500 manuscripts from the period 1400-1800, documenting the expansion of Europe. The website includes high resolution images of many fine historical maps.

The California Map Society holds two full-day meetings a year – winter in the south and summer in the north, publishes a quarterly newsletter, and has some fine California maps at their website under “Images and Stories.”

This comprehensive website has links to North American First Nation and Inuit, and tribal websites stretching from northeastern Russia, through Canada and the United States, and down to Mexico. The tribes have been organized linguistically. Be sure to click on the three maps in the center of the web page – marked North, Central and South. The maps attempt to show the locations of the tribes at time of first contact with non-native explorers.

A University of Texas at Austin site. Modern and historical maps especially useful for students are available for download in pdf format.

The library’s map collection may be accessed at this site.

The Newberry Library's cartographic collections include some 300,000 maps in atlases and books and issued separately.

Heavy emphasis on the State of Georgia

Princeton University

2003-2006 marked  the 100th anniversary of Amundsen's successful transit of the Northwest Passage. Princeton’s exhibition Of Maps and Men: In Search of a Northwest Passage is available online. The Library’s website for its exhibition To the Mountains of the Moon: Mapping African Exploration, 1541-1880 is also online. Princeton’s web posting of its 2010 exhibit Strait Through: From Magellan to Cook & the Pacific, documents the story of Magellan's circumnavigation of the world and the drama of the unfolding exploration of the Pacific Ocean that followed the discovery of the Strait of Magellan.

The David Rumsey Collection focuses on 18th and 19th century North and South American cartographic materials. The site provides very sophisticated, high-resolution access to images of representative examples from the collection, and an excellent search facility to locate maps in the collection.

John Carter Brown Library, Brown University

Online resources on discoveries and mapping are under continuous development.

Galápagos Islands: History and Cartography

Maintained by SHD Member John Woram, this site provides an in-depth hyper-linked resource of maps, manuscripts, and books pertinent to the islands. The HTML document format lends itself nicely to bringing some order to the bibliography.

The Kraus Collection comprises important primary and secondary materials about Drake's voyages throughout the then Spanish territory of the Americas. It consists of 60 items--16 manuscripts, 29 books, 8 maps and views, and 7 medals and portraits. The materials range in date from 1579 to 1765.

This site contains a wealth of information and links related to James Cook, together with information on how to join the Society and on its quarterly publication, Cook's Log.

The Surveyor’s Historical Society documents the evolution of surveying and mapping through the collection and preservation of artifacts, records and accumulated knowledge.

This attractive site tells the story of the original voyage of Australia's first known European visitor, the Dutch ship Duyfken ("little Dove") in 1606, and keeps you up to date with the progress on the full-scale replica as she is built and tested at Freemantle, Australia.

Centre de Recherche sur la Litterature des Voyages (French)

The CTLS deals with the study of travel literature in its various manifestations: documentary, aesthetic, and ideological, with an emphasis on utopian literature. Its scope thus ranges from mere travel notes to the "extraordinary voyages" variety. The primary language of the site is French.

The society’s mission is to increase public awareness of and access to Canada's rich store of historical records. A site link leads to the Society’s digital collection of rare publications that chronicle the development of Canadian history

Imago Mundi
The only English-language scholarly periodical devoted exclusively to the history of maps, mapping and map-related ideas. It deals with all facets of the history and interpretation of maps and mapmaking in any part of the world, at any period.

26th International Conference on the History of Cartography

Antwerp, Belgium 12-17 July 2015


27th International Conference on the History of Cartography

Belo Horizonte, Brazi 9 - 14 July 2017


This site contains maps of Jerusalem, and basic information concerning the map-makers and the history of cartography in Jerusalem. It is joint project of the Jewish National and University Library and the Department of Geography, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mariners’ Museum, Newport News, Virginia

Maritime exploration and the history of the Chesapeake Bay are a key strength at this museum

Maritime Museum of British Columbia

Focus is on Explorers, Navigation, and surveys of the West Coast of North America.

The North Carolina Museum of History collects and preserves artifacts and other historical materials relating to the history and heritage of North Carolina in a local, regional, national, and international context to assist people in understanding how the past influences the present.