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SHD Student Prize Essay Contest Winners

 (list as of 26 May 2015)
• 1988. First Year. Apparently no winner, but two honorable mentions were awarded.

• 1989.

• 1990.  Carol Sparks, "England and the Columbian Discoveries: The Attempt to Legitimize English Voyages to the New World," published in Terrae Incognitae, vol. 22, 1990, pp, 1-12.  

• 1991.

• 1992.

• 1993.  Christian Brannstrom, The River of Silver and the Island of Brazil," published in Terrae Incognitae, vol. 27, 1995, pp. 1-14.

• 1994. José Delgado, "A Cartographic view of the Falkland Malvinas Sovereignty Problem."

• 1995.

• 1996.  Lynn Guitar, "Francisco Chicorama: A North American Indian in King Charles V's Court."  She read this paper in Portland, Maine in 1996. Was she the 1995 or 1996 winner? Sandy thinks 1996. Published in Terrae Incognitae, vol. 29, 1997, pp. 1-9.

• 1997.

• 1998.  Ken Mitchell, “Science, Giants & Gold:  Juan de la Cruz Cano's Mapa Geographic de American Meridional." Published in Terrae Incognitae, vol. 31, pp 25-41, 1999.  

• 1999. Neil Safier, "Mapping Myths: The Cartographic Boundaries Between Science and Speculation in La Condamine's Amazon, 1743-44."  Published in Terrae Incognitae, vol. 33, 2001, pp. 33-47.

• 2000.  Paul W. Mapp, "French Reactions to the British Search for a Northwest Passage from Hudson Bay and the Origins of the Seven Years' War"; published in Terrae Incognitae 33 (2001).

• 2001 - No prize was awarded.

• 2002.  Carol A. Medlicott, "Re-thinking Geographical Exploration as Intelligence Collection: The Example of Lewis and Clark's 'Corps of Discovery'" (2002); published in Terrae Incognitae 35 (2003).

• 2003. Robert D. Lukens, "Finding Themselves in the Arctic: Samuel J. Entrikin and the Peary Expedition of 1893-1895" (2003).

• 2004.  Christopher Slogar, "Polyphernus africanus: Mapping Cannibals in the History of the Cross River Region of Nigeria, ca. 1500-1985 (2004); published in Terrae Incognitae 37 (2005).

• 2005.  Alice Storey, "Layers of Discovery" (2005); published in Terrae Incognitae 38 (2006).

• 2006.  Matt H. Voss, "'In this sign you shall conquer.' The Cross of the Order of Christ in Sixteenth-Century Portuguese Cartography" (2006); published in Terrae Incognitae 39 (2007).

• 2007. Antony Adler, “Uncharted Seas: European Polynesian Encounters in the Age of Discoveries.” (2007); published in Terrae Incognitae 40 (2008).

• 2008. Gabriel Hill, "French Merchants and Missionaries on the Early Modern Slave Coast." (2008); published in Terrae Incognitae 41 (2009).

• 2009.  No prize was awarded.

• 2010.  Scott Vincent Hatcher, “The Birth of the Monsoon Winds: On the Existence and Understand of Hippalus, and the ‘Discovery’ of the Apogeous Trade Winds.”

• 2011.  No prize was awarded.

• 2012. Justin T. Dellinger, “La Balise: A Transimperial Focal Point.”

• 2013. Joshua Michael (Josh) Marcotte, “Culture, Contact and the Agency of Appropriation in a 1741 Map of Nagasaki.”  Published in Terrae Incognitae 46.1 (April 2014).

2014. Josephine Benson,  "New Worlds, New Germs: The Role of European Expansion in the Development of Germ Theory."

(Note to readers:  The above listing is believed to accurately reflect the past winners.  Attempts to determine winners in years with no name listing were unsuccessful.  Any additions/corrections to the above listing should be provided to the Web Content Manager.)