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Photos of Annual Meeting 2003 in New Orleans

(Photography by Sandy Bederman, Lou DeVorsey, Peter van der Krogt, and Tom Sander)

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Prince Conti Hotel

French Quarter

French Quarter

Jackson Square & St. Louis Cathedral

Jazz at Jackson Square

Charting Louisiana Exhibit

Don Perkins & Mindy Thomas

Alfred Lemmon & Susan Danforth

Docktor, Webber, Sander, Hogarth, Holzheimer

Pres. Eric Wolf Opens Meeting

Sally & Peter Enggass

David Buisseret & Mike Downs

Incoming President Richard Francaviglia

New SHD Fellows The Garretts with Sandy Bederman

Eric Wolf Honored for Long SHD Service

Jeanne Sander with Capt. Hawley

Capt. Hawley & The Mississippi

Capt. Hawley with Ralph Ehrenberg

Jazz at the Palm Court Café

Dinner at the Wyndham

Dr. Langlois

John Magill

Laura Plantation

Laura Plantation

St. Louis Cemetery #1

St. Louis Cemetery #1

The Natchez

Peter van der Krogt & Ed Dahl

The Mississippi & New Orleans

Muriel's Restaurant

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