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The Society for the History of Discoveries
42nd Annual Meeting
Denver, Colorado
September 6-9, 2001

Photos from SHD 2001 in Denver

(Images by Sandy Bederman, David Cole, Greg McIntosh, and Tom Sander)

Denver International Airport

Colorado State Capitol

City & County Building

Denver’s 16th Street Mall

Denver’s Downtown

Brown Palace Hotel

Comfort Inn Conf. Hotel

SHD Registration Table

McGuirks and Brown

Denver Public Library - Guests

DeVorsey, Wolter & Ehrenberg

Denver Public Library

Jolayne & Sandy

Denver Public Library
Map Exhibit

John & Joan

Garretts and Brown

Cook, Nebenzahl &

Carol Urness &
Sandy Bederman

Roger Baskes, Ralph
Ehrenberg, Eric Wolf

Stephenson and Sander

Sharing Thoughts

The Throwers
John and Norman

Alice Hudson speaks

Searching for True Gold

Hinckle Remarks

Barbara McCorkle
& The Wolfs

Carol Urness &
Richard Francaviglia

The Fort Restaurant

Ginnie Highbarger
& Ed Dahl

The Fort Restaurant

The Fort Restaurant
Kit Goodwin “We Ate What?!”

At the 2001
SHD Banquet

Mathias Gifted

En route to the Museum

Outgoing President

Bent’s Old Fort

Bent’s Old Fort – inside

Pike’s Peak &
Tom Sander

Sunday Tour
Paul the Guide

Bent’s Old Fort
Park Ranger

Bent’s Old Fort

Bent’s Old Fort – inside

Sunday Tour Participants

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