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Photos of Annual Meeting 2007 in Chicago

Annual Meeting 2007 Abstracts Meeting Photos Festival of Maps

Photography by Alberta Auringer Wood, Sandy Bederman, Norwood Hazard and Tom Sander

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Michigan Avenue
Chicago River
The architecture!
Water Tower and John Hancock Building

Cloud Gate (“The Bean”) at Millennium Park

Don Perkins, Joe Fitzgerald, Hans Kok

Roz Woodward and Alberta Wood
At Maggiano’s Little Italy
Clare Flemming (Secretary, American Friends of the Hakluyt Society)
Sarah Tyacke (Past President, Hakluyt Society)

Dennis Reinhartz with Francis Herbert
Reuel Jentgen and Kit Goodwin
At Maggiano’s Little Italy
Jossie Nebenzahl with Erika Bornholt

Maggie Ragnow with Ralph Ehrenberg
Jonathan Potter with Anna Friedman Herlihy
Mary Lee Johnson with Warren Furth
Don Perkins, Bert Johnson, Paul Gilje

The Newberry Library
David Buissert, the books table, and Don Perkins
SHD VP and Program Chair Tom Sander
Session II – Dick Pflederer, Maggie Ragnow, Evelyn Edson, Gregory McIntosh

Martine Chomel de Coelho posses question
Joaquim Alves Gaspar with Richard Pflederer
Carol Urness with Student Prize Essay Winner Antony Adler
SHD Council Meeting (Alberta took the photo!)

Keynote Speaker Sarah Tyacke with Jens Bornholt
Tony Campbell, Distinguished Speaker
Monday evening reception
Cliff Wood, Jim Walker, Tom Sander, Bob Highbarger, Alberta Wood

Barbara McCorkle
Alice Hudson, Carol Urness, Susan Danforth
Rudi and Ky Kylander with Kimberley West
Bruce Solnick with Peter and Sally Enggass

Ginnie and Bob Highbarger
Jim Akerman and Tom Sander
Ed Dahl and Mary Murphy
Caroline Batchelor with Marianne Hinckle

Dick Pflederer, Jens Bornholt and Ken Nebenzahl
Matthew Edney with Catherine Delano Smith
Jeremy Pool with Ray Wolf
SHD Annual Dinner, Ruggles Hall

SHD President Ralph Ehrenberg
Ralph Ehrenberg and Maggie Ragnow bestowing SHD Fellow honor on Carol Urness
Ralph Ehrenberg and Barbara McCorkle bestowing SHD Fellow honor on Sandy Bederman
SHD 2008-2009 VP and Program Chair Gerald Saxon

Ralph Ehrenberg welcoming Dinner Speaker David Buisseret

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