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Annual Meeting

Fifty-fifth Annual Meeting
Society for the History of Discoveries
October 30 – November 2, 2014
Austin, Texas

SHD Annual Meeting 2014
AbstractsAnnual Meeting Photos

Photography by Photography by Norwood Hazard

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SHD President Imre Demhardt leads pre-tour


Texas State Capitol, Austin

Ray Wolf

Tejanos History Monument

Texas General Land Office

Texas General Land Office

Texas General Land Office

1688 map showing Texas

SHD Council Meeting

SHD Council Meeting (VP Jim Matthews)

Snack break

The Walkers, Don McGuirk, SHD Fellow Ralph Ehrenberg

SHD Fellow David Buisseret, Lauren Beck, VP Jim Matthews

In conversation

Staying connected

The Holzheimers (Art an SHD Fellow) and the Brandenburgs

Ralph Ehrenberg and Jim Walker

Don Perkins and David Allen

Opening reception

The Ehrenbergs with Jim Walker

Conference facility

Conference facility

Will van den Hoonaard

Ann Ortiz

Genna Dupilsea

SHD Council

David Buisseret

Carl Kupfer

Gene Tucker

David Allen

Tony Mullan

VP in meditation

Dinner conversation

Jim Matthews

Annual Dinner

The Brandenbergs, Gene Tucker, Mylynka Cardona, Justin Dellinger

Jim Matthews table

Mary Emily Miller table

Don Perkins, SHD Fellow Carla Rahn Phillips, Maggie Ragnow, Ray Wolf

David Buisseret at Mirela Altic’s table

The McGuirks, SHD Fellow Francis Herbert, the Walkers, the Holzheimers

SHD Fellow Ralph Ehrenberg’s table

President’s table with Tony Mullan and the McElveens

Jim Bruseth

The LaBelle, Bullock Museum

Engravings on keel

LaBelle model

Genevieve Carlton

Amber Foster

2014 Essay Contest Winner Josephine Brown

Tiago Jones

Christopher Morris

Mirela Altic

Mirela at Alamo Shop

The Alamo

Model of the Alamo battle

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