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Fifty-fourth Annual Meeting
Society for the History of Discoveries
October 31 – November 3, 2013
Tampa, Florida

SHD Annual Meeting 2013
Daily Program
Annual Meeting Photos

Photography by Photography by Norwood Hazard and Tom Sander

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Site of SHD 2013

Opening reception

Opening reception

Tom Touchton, Wes Brown

Jim Akerman, Yolanda Theunissen

Don Perkins, Ron Fritze, the Brandenbergs, the Holzheimers

Sue Docktor, Don Perkins, John Docktor, the Pools

Jim Walker, Don McGuirk

Imre Josef Demhardt (SHD VP 2011-2013, President 2013-2015)

A pause in the talks

Jim Matthews (SHD VP 2013-2015)

Joaquim Alves Gaspar

Josh Marcotte (2013 Student Essay winner)

Lauren Beck, Ron Fritze

Matthew Edney

Dick Pflederer

Tom Touchton, co-organizer

Don Perkins, Josh Marcotte

Art Holzheimer, Matthew Edney

Alice Hudson, Jeanne Sander

Norwood Hazard and the Bedermans

Joaquim Alves Gaspar, Francis Herbert

Bill Warren, Don McGuirk, Marianne Hinckle

Tom Sander, Carol Urness

Johanna Skurnik (Finland),Wes Brown

Boone Powell, Ray Wolf

SHD Council Meeting 2013

SHD Council Meeting 2013


Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner

C.J. Roberts, Norwood Hazard, Imre Demhardt

With SHD Ties: Co-organizers Rodney Kite-Powell,C.J. Roberts, Tom Touchton

Carol Urness honoring 2013 SHD Fellow Carla Rahn Phillips

The honoree with award

Map Exhibit at TBHC

Map Exhibit at TBHC

Immigrant Statue, Ybor City

Ralph Ehrenberg learns about cigars

Cigar Rolling

The Columbia Restaurant

The Hazards at the Columbia

Entertainment at the Columbia

Ca ’d’Zanentrance (John and Mabel Ringling’s estate)

Ringling Museum of Art, Ringling Museum of Art

At the Museum

John and Mabel Ringling’s residence

The Geographer’s Burden

Circus in miniature at Ringling Circus Museum

Ron Fritze (outgoing SHD President) at De Soto Trail Marker, De Soto National Memorial

Norwood Hazard as Conquistador

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