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SHD Fellow 2015: Thomas F. Sander, SHD Web Content Manager since 2000, Vice President from 2005 -2007 (Portland Oregon and Chicago meetings) and President 2007-2009, was recognized at the 2015 London meeting as the SHD Fellow 2015. For more, read here.

SHD 2016 in Newport, Rhode Island: The fall 2016 annual meeting of the Society for the History of Discoveries will meet in Newport, Rhode Island; tentative dates are 22-25 September 2016. Our theme: "The Mariner's Life: At Home, Abroad, and at Sea." Papers are invited on all aspects of this theme, from navigation to piracy, from sailor's wives to shipwrecks, from slavery to food, shipboard entertainment, and the law of the sea. Conference dates and submission deadlines and guidelines will be found on this website as they are finalized. A featured part of the conference will be the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project and its work locating British ships, including Cook's bark Endeavour, lost off the Rhode Island coast during the Revolutionary War.

SHD 2015 in London: To read about our July 2015 meeting and see photos of the events at this first INTERNATIONAL meeting of the SHD since 2002, please click HERE.

SHD 2014 in Austin: Photos of our many activities in October/November 2014 are posted at the meeting’s webpage. Click HERE.

Mary Emily Miller
Mary Emily Miller
SHD Austin – October 2014

SHD Life Member Mary Emily Miller passed away April 18, 2015 at age 81. Always outspoken and a person who pursued her goal with vigor, Mary Emily at the SHD Austin meeting in October 2014 mentioned that she had attended nearly every past meeting of SHD in the past half century, coming for the scholarship presented and to enjoy the comradery of many friends in the Society. She was born on the family farm near Frederica, Delaware, a property that had been owned and operated continuously by the same family since 1684. Mary Emily earned her B.A. with a Distinction in History from the University of Delaware in 1955, and then a certificate in Business Administration from Harvard-Radcliff in 1956. She then spent several years as the Dean of Women at Methodist University in North Carolina, while also enrolled in the doctoral program in history at Boston University. After receiving her doctorate in 1962, Mary Emily took a position as Assistant Professor of History at Park University in Missouri before moving to Salem College (now Salem University) in Massachusetts, where she taught from 1966 until 1992. Upon “retiring” she moved back to the family farm in Frederica, continued teaching through the University of Delaware downstate campuses, and became involved in an extraordinary range of organizations and activities. Every Christmas, Mary Emily would distribute a four page typed report on her activities over the past year, with the single-spaced text stretching almost to the edge of the paper. In it she would comment free-form on important anniversaries (“It was 50 years ago in November 2013 that JFK was killed. Dr. Who is 50”). Mary also would recount her extraordinary annual travelling. (The above summary is substantially adapted and modified from her remembrance at http://www.hagley.org/librarynews/mary-emily-miller-1934-2015 - readers may wish to read more at this website.)

The Editor of Terrae Incognitae has issued a CALL FOR PAPERS: Exchanges about Discovery and Exploration. These papers will be considered for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 issues of Terrae Incognitae. Please visit the Terrae Incognitae page of this website


The September 2012 issue of Terrae Incognitae, the scholarly journal for the Society of the History of Discoveries, is a special issue on the exploration of Africa.  Here is the table of contents:
•    Exploration in the Nineteenth Century by Imre Josef Demhardt
•    The Cartography of Exploration: Livingstone's 1851 Manuscript Sketch Map of the Zambesi River by Elri Liebenberg
•    The Reverend Charles New: Nineteenth-Century Missionary and Explorer in Eastern Equatorial Africa by Sanford H. Bederman
•    Alexine Tinné: Nineteenth-Century Explorer of Africa by Mylynka Kilgore Cardona
•    Hermann Habenicht's Spezialkarte von Afrika - A Unique Cartographic Record of African Exploration 1885-1892 by Wulf Bodenstein
•    Recent and Upcoming Literature in Discovery History
•    Book Reviews

The publisher has granted free public access to the introductory essay "Exploration in the Nineteenth Century" by Imre Josef Demhardt.  


SHD has even more presence on the Internet courtesy of its blog Terrae Inblognitae. Blog Editor (and SHD Member) Gene Rhea Tucker created this blog. The blog has the latest in SHD news, items of interest scoured from the World Wide Web, and guest posts from SHD members. From the blog  there are also links to the SHD main web page, Terrae Incognitae, and to Terra Cognita as well. There is no registration/membership to the site required for access. Access Terrae Inblognitae at http://terraeinblognitae.blogspot.com/

SHD Past Meeting Programs.  Programs of many of the Society’s past meetings are available by clicking on the various years at the Society “Previous and Future Meetings” web page. Click here.

Founding members Thomas L. Goldstein and John Parker, and early members Sanford Bederman, Barbara Backus McCorkle, Norman J. W. Thrower, and Carol Urness have described the founding and development of the Society in remarks delivered at our annual meetings Click here to read those remarks.

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